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Easter sale!

Mysteriaz aOWNER posted Wed at 21:00


To share our love and appreciation, we thought we'd throw in a 35% off discount for all purchases in the store. Enjoy it while you can!

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Sharing the love! ♥

Mysteriaz aOWNER posted Feb 13, 14


To share our love and appreciation, we thought we'd throw in a 15% off discount for all purchases in the store. Enjoy it while you can!

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News & Updates

Mysteriaz aOWNER posted Feb 2, 14
I have recently been working on the server, trying to improve it and squash all of the leftover bugs from the trainwreck. I decided to make a changelog of what we have covered, so here it is.
- Established all voting websites, vote at http://www.skypvp.org/vote every day for a chance to win a voucher to the webstore and get items/money in game (More detail on the webpage)
- Fixed issues with lighting netherportals, nether is now accessible
- Fixed permissions for the staff ranks
- Removed permissions to ride a pet
- Removed permissions to fly in the spawnworld, this prevents people from flying in pvp as it's against our rules
- Tweaked the rules list, type /rules in game or visit the board at spawn
- Fixed issues with donation upgrades
- Fixed issues with donor enchantments
- Fixed bug when you don't have an island and type /island it brings up a GUI with a book that does nothing
- You can now lock your island

Known caveats:
- Islands overriding
- Missing items in the market
- Some donators may still be able to ride pets
- Disguises that cause client lag
- Users being able to use donor enchanted items


Mysteriaz aOWNER posted Jan 17, 14
As you all know, SkyPVP was supposed to open on January 10th, 2014. Instead we ran into some roadblocks and could not make the release date possible. This time we have made sure things will go smoothly and have the server out by the weekend. We'd like to introduce a new partner of ours, and will be livestreaming and helping us run the server. His name is BeeCreative, otherwise known as "Chris". Bee is a fulltime livestreamer that is very dedicated to his work and stays on a constant schedule. Be sure to go follow him on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/beecreative
BeeCreative Who is Bee?! F that guy!
saxydrew Congrats

SkyPvP Release

Mysteriaz aOWNER posted Jan 6, 14
We're proud to announce our release date as Friday, January 17th, 2014. The new SkyPvP server will revolve around only one single gamemode, which is SkyBlock. SkyPvP will not only be a SkyBlock server, but it will also have a slight pvp aspect implemented. The new SkyPvP server will be fairly similar to the past server, and remain somewhat traditional. We hope to see you upon release @5:00 PM EST!

- Permissions (80% Complete)
- Testing (75% Complete)
- World Flags (100% Complete)
- Shop (90% Complete)
- Info (100% Complete)
- Tutorials (100% Complete)
- Rules (100% Complete)
- Donor boards (80% Complete)
- Buycraft Webstore (15% Complete)

NOTE: Please bare with us and keep a strong mind that in order to perfect this server, it will take time. If we are not ready by the given release date, we will be ready as soon as we possibly can.
littledog1229 guys voting is not working can a admin or the owner fix it plz ...
SageAlcatraZ Ya ! ...
ZamaZero Can we get an update on the TODO list? ...
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